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Your Avalande partner gives you access to the best management techniques at an affordable cost. Whatever the size of your activities, we provide you with the essential skills for effective and optimal management. Collaborate with our technicians in a variety of fields to strengthen your capacities and streamline your operations and develop the economic potential of the organization.

We plan, execute, evaluate and improve your business operations through management control services, project management services and many other specialized services.

Management control

Business audits
We establish a partial or total analysis of the activities in order to highlight the characteristics of the value chain.
Strategic planning
We help establish a coherent and realistic long-term vision and objectives by analyzing several internal and external factors.
Budget planning
Depending on the annual objectives, we analyze the consistency of existing forecasts or provide our expertise for high-quality budget planning.
Performance dashboards
We use benchmark performance management tools such as the BSC to produce dashboards for monitoring your activities.
Performance evaluation
We periodically carry out the essential analyzes linked to the evaluation of performance which make it possible to reorient the strategy.

Project management

Our project management services allow you to engage your organization's resources with more confidence. Thanks to our expertise in project management and years of experience, we maximize the success of the projects on which we intervene by bringing a solid technical approach at all stages. From the feasibility study to the closing report, our team makes every effort for successful projects.

Managed services

Outsourced management services allow you to gain flexibility for your organization's needs. Depending on whether your needs are spontaneous or meticulously established, we assign employees who take charge of the execution of several specific missions related to the day-to-day management of your activities. As a result, your organization benefits from the skills it needs to function optimally, without suffering the financial and logistical burden associated with new recruitments. In addition, you benefit indirectly from a very rich experience that comes from the collaborative environment of our firm where several exceptional specialists collaborate on a daily basis.

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