Partner of Organizations

Our mission

Our mission is to help businesses and all organizations to realize their full potential.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in the services industry with offers that covers a wide range of business needs.

Our values

Our organization is driven by principles and values that reflect the thinking of the founder Modeste Sessou. Those values inform our long-term strategy as a company and the way we serve clients on a daily basis.

Adhere to the highest professional standards
put client interests ahead of our firm’s
maintain high standards and conditions for client service
observe high ethical standards and preserve client confidences
maintain an independent perspective
manage client and firm resources cost-effectively
Pursue excellence of management practices
use our expertise to bring the best of our firm to all clients
bring innovations in management practice to clients
build client capabilities to sustain improvement
build enduring relationships based on trust
Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people
Build and maintain strong relationships
develop one another through apprenticeship and mentoring
uphold the obligations to engage and dissent
embrace diverse perspectives with curiosity and respect
collaborate as a unique team

Word from the director

It is an honor for us to support a large number of organizations on a daily basis by providing crucial skills for strengthening their capacity.

Our value proposition is based on being a firm that combines several business related expertises in order to offer them at a lower cost to organizations that need them and especially those that for several reasons, including budgetary ones, cannot have access to them. Our professionals are available immediately and start working toward your objectives as soon as we establish a relationship.

We demonstrate daily abnegation in the missions entrusted to us in order to produce results for our customers and partners. Beyond the quality work that we carry out, our primary motivation is to contribute to the creation of economic added value wherever we operate. By positioning itself as a unique skills center, Avalande is a reliable partner for organizations.

Modeste Sessou